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Shipton Shorts 2017 Shipton Bellinger Short Story Competition

2015 Results

Overall, the judges truly were delighted with the standard of all the entries, one comment even being to the effect that they wished all the submissions they have had to assess elsewhere were of such a solid standard.

The judges felt that ‘OMG’ is well crafted overall. It hooks the reader with an excellent setting and atmosphere in the first paragraph and sustains that interest throughout. Pacing and structure was solid, with a clear shape, plot and necessary detail with little excess. It holds the reader's attention and the artful use of texts moves the plot forward and develops a solid denouement. Full text can be found here.

Winner, 2015: ‘OMG’ by Michael Crabbe

2nd place finalist, 2015: ‘Tranquility’ by Sophie Rutland

Judges were particularly impressed with her descriptions and evocation of a village life. Full text can be found here.

3rd place finalist, 2015: ‘Elgar the Saxon Boy’ by Josie Smith

Judges felt this was well written and enjoyed the historical detail. Full text can be found here.