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Shipton Shorts 2017 Shipton Bellinger Short Story Competition

2016 Results

The judges really struggled to pick the best, this year, and really enjoyed the variety of stories - from sinister to humour.

The judges felt that this was a ‘fun short story of a man determined to overcome all obstacles in his way while maintaining his pride, at the cost of following sensible advice. Despite the fact that the reader realizes he is taking on too much, too soon, you still find yourself cheering him on. […The] writer has a lightness of touch in handling the story. Full text can be found here.

Winner, 2016:

‘I’m going to walk to Pewsey’ by Michael Crabbe

2nd place finalist, 2016:

‘The truth about Mickey Marchment’ by David Walkling

Judges felt this was a ‘Really good, gripping story’ and wished it were longer. Full text can be found here.

3rd place finalist, 2016:

‘The Passing’ by Joanne Tomlinson

The judges commented that this was ‘a flowing story with a bittersweet note in the end.’ And that ‘the narrative raises it above the other entries. The motif […] is used most effectively from the title right down to the last line.’ Full text can be found here.